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Have you always dreamed of picking up the guitar? Or maybe you’d like to sing on stage rather than in the shower? Would you like to learn to play the drums like your father? Do you dream of learning to record in your own living room? Or maybe you have an upcoming audition for CÉGEP?

Stop going around in circles and give us a call! Our team of 20 qualified teachers will meet all your needs. No matter how old you are (starting from 7 years old), your current level, or the type of music you prefer, you’ll find all the resources you need to polish your skills and master your instrument.

  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Classical guitar
  • Electric bass
  • Ukulele
  • Double bass
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Violin
  • Singing
  • Musical theory
  • Electronic music (computer-assisted music)
  • Sonar, Cool Edit, Audition, Cakewalk, Reason, etc.

Musiplexe offers personalized lessons that are adapted to all musical styles including, jazz, blues, pop, classical, rock, and alternative music. Our qualified teachers will help you learn your favourite instrument!

We also prepare students for entering CÉGEP music concentration programs, and the lessons are all private. At the end of the winter season, we host a concert where students who wish to can play in a group on a big stage. Every year, this activity proves to be a huge success.

Enroll now for the fall session starting September 1. You can sign up any time through our form above.


You can choose:

  • 1 hour per week
  • 1 hour every two weeks
  • 30 minutes per week (for children aged 12 and under)

At the price of $33/h or $16.50 for a half-hour, taxes included.

Lessons are payable at the beginning of every 8-hour block.

$500 tax credit available.

$30 enrollment fee.


  • Summer: July to August
  • Fall: September to December
  • Winter: January to June

For more information, please contact Mrs. Stéphanie Rozon

Part of the fun of playing music is performing in front of an audience and getting a taste of the exhilarating feeling of playing on stage.





Time slots

Please add your desired time slots (at least 2 choices). This will help us accelerate the process by selecting a teacher that is available when you are.
Monday 3PM and 6PMMonday 6PM and 9PMTuesday 3PM and 6PMTuesday 6PM and 9PMWednesday 3PM and 6PMWednesday 6PM and 9PMThursday 3PM and 6PMThursday 6PM and 9PMFriday 3PM and 6PMFriday 6PM and 9PMSaturday 9AM and 12PMSaturday 12PM and 4PM


Before becoming famous musicians, students of all levels get the opportunity to stand on stage and partake in an annual concert in front of a growing and enthusiastic audience. Guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, violinists, percussionists, pianists, and singers are split up into groups, and the students can contribute to choosing the pieces.

It’s a unique opportunity to play in front of a live audience and showcase the progress that has been achieved during lessons. Our passionate teachers will work relentlessly to prepare the students for this important moment, which remains engraved in the Musiplexe community’s memories year after year.



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